In Episode 19, join James Dickinson, a Seventh-day Adventist attorney from Chico, California, as we explore issues sensitive topics such as the rights...View Details

In this episode join Elder Lance A. Wilbur, an evangelist, and entrepreneur from New England, as we explore the true spirit behind the growing protest...View Details

Join Pastor Steven Toscano in this episode where he shares Bible-based principles on immigration and how the church should address the social issues o...View Details

Join Pastor Rich Constantinescu of the Ardmore Seventh-day Adventist Church as we explore the issues of the dangers of nationalism seeping into the Ch...View Details

Join Pastor Keala Thompson of A Loud and Clear Call Ministries in this episode on the topic of spiritual abuse.  Spiritual abuse is perhaps the grea...View Details

How did Dr. Eric Walsh cope with the intense media scrutiny and the loss of making a living because of his religious convictions?  In this special fu...View Details

In this episode, our guest is Elder Rico Hill, director of development at Adventist Review TV (ARTV) and president of The Beehive Ministries.  Elder...View Details

In this episode join Elder Alan Reinach, Director of the Church State Council, the religious liberty educational and advocacy arm of the Pacific Union...View Details

Join Peter Chung in this special full-length presentation on how Biblical principles are found in the First Amendment, and the importance of religious...View Details

In this episode, our guest is Pastor Adam Ramdin, Youth Director for the North England Conference of Seventh-day Adventists and executive producer of ...View Details

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